Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Dear Readers,

I know I am very late to jump on the band-wagon for this product, but since I got it in August I have been dying to write a review to tell you guys what I think! There was recently a 3 for 2 offer in Boots on all Maybelline products, so I felt I needed to use the opportunity to stock up on some more products, so after repurchasing them I thought it would be necessary to let you guys know what I think about Baby Lips.

I was immediately drawn to the products for its really funky and bright packaging (extremely aesthetically pleasing!) My other reasons for purchasing it was its promise of 8hour moisturisation and its SPF 20. I ended up purchasing three of them including: Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Hydrate. 
So far my favourite has to be the Hydrate lip balm. I love it because its got a nice sweet smell (which is not too  overpowering) and applies evenly to the lips. Although I do have to re-apply it every hour or so, meaning it doesn't feel like my lips are kept completely moisturised for a whole 8hours, my lips have felt a lot softer and healthier since using it. So I would definitely recommend this one in particular!
After trying Pink Punch I absolutely adored the scent which was quite fruity and sweet, however, the pigmentation was a little strong for a daily lip-balm and I felt that it didn't apply very evenly, meaning I had to sit infront of the mirror and watch closely when applying it. The next and final product was the Cherry Me. This also had a nice scent, very similar to Carmex. I thought it provided a subtle tint which was perfect for an everyday lip balm. However, just like the others I felt it needed to be re-applied rather a lot.

Overall, my favourite had to be the Hydrate lipbalm; and I can pretty much secure this view seeing as I've already gone through two tubes! 
I hope this has helped any of you who are considering buying Baby Lips. At £2.99 I think they're a really good price for a perfect daily lipbalm! Leave me a comment below to let me know whether you've also tried Baby Lips- and if so which flavours?! And what did you think about them?

Have a lovely weekend all you lovely readers.
Kiki Boho xxx

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